About Tonia

Growing up in Wisconsin, I enjoyed a wide variety of sports, at both a recreational and competitive level.   My early interest in athletics was the beginning of my lifelong pursuit of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. After high school I completed an Associate's degree as a Respiratory Care Practitioner and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nursing. I worked for several years helping to take care of patients in trauma, critical care cardiology and surgical recovery settings. My education and work experience in the health care field only strengthened my passion for fitness and healthy living. I saw that most of my patients' medical conditions were either caused by or exacerbated by poor eating habits and poor physical conditioning. My philosophy is that prevention is the best form of medicine and my goal is to help others develop a healthier lifestyle.

After several years of working as a registered nurse, I became a stay at home mom to my two beautiful children.   To get back into shape after my second pregnancy I decided to train for a triathlon. I had always enjoyed competing and training, but after having children I knew that to be at a competitive level once again I needed to also have proper nutrition. After researching several nutrition plans I found the Precision Nutrition program. The Precision Nutrition program allowed me to fine tune my diet and helped me get into some of the best shape of my life. I believe in the philosophy of the program so strongly that I became a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. At the same time I began studies in personal training and became an A.C.E. Certified personal trainer.

  I believe that personal training should be just that, personal. I strive to give each client the individual attention that they need to improve their overall wellness. I develop a custom fitness and nutrition program for each client taking into account their individual goals and lifestyle. A program that can't be maintained is one that won't benefit my clients. I am certified in a wide variety of weight, resistance and cardio training modalities, including TRX(another trademark), and will help develop a specific dietary plan, including recipes, based around each client's tastes. I want to work with my clients to help them achieve an overall healthier and happier lifestyle, and educate them on how to maintain their fitness into the future.

Client Testimonials

"I began training with Tonia in February 2011. Since then I have lost 22 pounds, dropped two clothing sizes and best of all, lowered my triglyceride level 200 points!! I feel better, look better and have lots more energy.

I attribute all of the above to training with Tonia. Due to her background in cardiac care nursing she is exceedingly knowledgeable about body mechanics, health issues and nutrition. She incorporates all of that into her training program and modifies it for each individual. She is quite current with the latest training methods and exercise equipment as well.

As if that isn't enough, she is also extremely patient and has a sparkling personality. There is a lot of variety , fun and humor injected into workouts with her, but great instruction and information are given at the same time.

The first time I worked out with Tonia, I was so out shape and exhausted that I walked out of the gym without putting my shoes back on. Now she has me wearing cute workout clothes and feeling better than I have in a long time.

Don't expect her to go easy on you, but expect her to improve your life. She will!"

-Margaret Perez.

"Eating healthy has always been important to me. When I saw how passionate Tonia was about nutrition, I knew she was the person to help me get on track for general fitness purposes and also for an upcoming marathon. She set me up with the exact information I need to succeed. Her recipes, tips and information have been easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. I am able to train more efficiently since having a consultation with her. I feel enlightened and empowered by the knowledge she has given me.

Recently I had a question regarding nutrition for my son. In passing, I asked her about it. We chatted briefly and she told me her insight. Less than a day later, Tonia had researched my question even further and given me a complete write up and articles related to the answer.

Tonia is passionate, truly caring and highly qualified. She is a registered nurse, a certified personal trainer, a certified nutritional counselor and a mom! She gets it!"

-Colleen Vomund.